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(Coverage of weather forecast)
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== API Demo ==
== API Demo ==
<code>TAkhjf8d1nlSlspN</code> is a demo token,you should use your token
<code>S45Fnpxcwyq0QT4b</code> is a demo token,you should use your token
* [[General weather API interface/v2.5|General weather API interface]]:<code>https://api.caiyunapp.com/v2.5/TAkhjf8d1nlSlspN/121.6544,25.1552/weather.json</code>
* [[Weather API interface/v2.5|Weather API interface]]:<code>https://api.caiyunapp.com/v2.5/S45Fnpxcwyq0QT4b/121.6544,25.1552/weather.json</code>
* [[Realtime weather API interface/v2.5|Realtime weather API interface]]:<code>https://api.caiyunapp.com/v2.5/TAkhjf8d1nlSlspN/121.6544,25.1552/realtime.json</code>
* [[Minutely forecast API interface]]:<code>https://api.caiyunapp.com/v2.5/TAkhjf8d1nlSlspN/121.6544,25.1552/minutely.json</code>
* [[Daily forecast API interface/v2.5|Hourly forecast API interface]]:<code>https://api.caiyunapp.com/v2.5/TAkhjf8d1nlSlspN/121.6544,25.1552/hourly.json</code>
* [[Daily forecast API interface/v2.5|Daily forecast API interface]]:<code>https://api.caiyunapp.com/v2.5/TAkhjf8d1nlSlspN/121.6544,25.1552/daily.json</code>
* Combined weather API interface: <code>https://api.caiyunapp.com/v2.5/TAkhjf8d1nlSlspN/121.6544,25.1552/forecast.json</code>
== Data coverage ==
== Data coverage ==

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API Demo

S45Fnpxcwyq0QT4b is a demo token,you should use your token

Data coverage

Coverage of weather forecast

  • Since the just begining of our weather API offering, we provide global hourly and daily weather forecast at any point on earth with arbitrary latitude and longitude.
  • The sole provider can give global-wide nowcasting service, we can provide service in below areas
Global coverage of minutely forecast
Continent Nation
Europe Italy, Lithuania, Malta, France, Slovakia, Norway, Belarus, Iceland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Croatia, Russia, Romania, Portugal, Estonia, Serbia, United Kingdom, Austria, Greece, Hungary
Oceania Fiji, Guam, Australia, Marshall Islands, New Caledonia, Australia
Asia Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Diaoyu Islands, Spratly Islands, Turkey, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Iran, Singapore, Oman, Philippines, Japan, India, Cambodia, Cyprus, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kuwait, Thailand, South Korea, North Korea
North America Canada, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Panama, Martinique, Cuba, United States, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Kura, Guadeloupe, Nicaragua
South America Brazil, French Guiana, Colombia, Guyana, Paraguay, Argentina

The quality of our nowcasting services is related with the quality of service of the radar data providers, it may vary from country to country; but as a service provider since 2014, we are a provened player in this area.

Coverage of air quality forecast

Full scope of China.