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Version of this article: v2.5,current stable version: v2.5,historical veriosns: v2.4


After signing up at the dahsboard, you will get your access token. In below sections, we will use a temporary token for demo purpose: S45Fnpxcwyq0QT4b. In production or development, you should use your own.

API call examples

Scenarios of weather apps

Scenarios of planning software

Scenarios of scientific instrument

Scenarios of Real-time cases

Scenarios of webapps


  • lang: optional, the language, default value is zh_CN, you can set any one of zh_CN, zh_TW, en_US, en_GB, ja
  • unit: optional, the unit system, default value is metric, you can set any one of metric, imperial, SI
  • granu: optional, the temporal granularity, default value is realtime,minutely,hourly,daily, you can set any one or combinations of realtime, minutely, hourly, daily
  • hourlysteps: optional, how many hours will be present in hourly forecast, default value is 48 hours and maximal value is 360 hours
  • dailysteps: optional, how many days will be present in daily forecast, default value is 5 days and maximal value is 15 days

Return values


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