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''Version of this article: [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}|{{#titleparts: {{FULLPAGENAME}} | 1 | 2 }}]],current stable version: [[ColorfulClouds Weather API/v2.5|v2.5]],historical veriosns: [[ColorfulClouds Weather API/v2.4|v2.4]]''
''Version of this article: [[{{FULLPAGENAME}}|{{#titleparts: {{FULLPAGENAME}} | 1 | 2 }}]],current stable version: [[General weather interface/v2.5|v2.5]],historical veriosns: [[General weather interface/v2.4|v2.4]]''

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Version of this article: [[Template:ColorfulClouds Weather API versions|]],current stable version: v2.5,historical veriosns: v2.4