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Try out by yourself

S45Fnpxcwyq0QT4b is a demo token,in production and development, you should use your own token after signing up at the dahsboard

The quota of the demo token is very limited and is renewed periodically, so please only use it for testing. If you meet any problem to access the above link, please contact us at

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Business Scenarios

ColorfulClouds Weather API is carefully designed for different scenarios.

Weather apps

Weather apps

The hyperlocal feature:

Global availability:

Drone controlling

Supported languages:

Different unit systems:

Sun rise and set time:

System control & IoT scenarios

In system control scenarios, it is very convenient to set the unit system to SI for calculation, and in many case you only need real-time data, so you can call the API in such a way

Planning scenarios

Web applications

To integrate with a third party data, you need the jsonp support

A global service

Global coverage of minutely forecast


  • the datetime calculation will impact the avg/max/min values of weather variables, our i18n features fully support this.
  • the unit of measurement is fully support i18n requirement, we support Metric system, Imperial and US customary units and International System of Units
  • the user-friendly nature language description of current weather conditions is support i18n, but we only provide Chinese, English and Japanese support.

Data coverage of general weather forecast

  • Since the just begining of our weather API offering, we provide global hourly and daily weather forecast at any point on earth with arbitrary latitude and longitude.

Data coverage of minute-by-minute nowcasting service

We are among the few providers can give global-wide nowcasting service, we can provide service in below areas.

The quality of our nowcasting services is related with the quality of service of the radar data providers, it may vary from country to country; but as a service provider since 2014, we are a provened player in this area.

Data coverage of air quality forecast

Full scope of China.

API Features

Full-scoped variables

You can check a detailed table of the supported variables.

The nowcasting service

We provide two kind of nowcasting service:

  • pointwise API calls specified by latitude and longitude
  • forecasted weather radar images and forecasted data matrix

The AI technology behind

Since the founding at 2014, we always dedicated in improving the algorithms for years, there are many works behind the services.

the 1st generation denoise algorithm
the 3rd generation of precipitation forecast algorithm
the comparison of 1st and 2nd generation air quality forecast

The reliable and stable backend

  • Scalability: the public service pool can offer 300M ~ 800M API calls per day and can be scaled up easily on demanding
  • Availability: the availability of the public service pool for the past year is at 99.94%
the capacity and availability monitoring platform
the technical architecture behind

We can offer private service pool with better availability for large-demanding clients

The team behind

the team members after the annual party
the office and working environment

Appendix 1: table of countries that nowcasting is supported

Continent Country/region
Europe Italy, Lithuania, Malta, France, Slovakia, Norway, Belarus, Iceland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Croatia, Russia, Romania, Portugal, Estonia, Serbia, United Kingdom, Austria, Greece, Hungary
Oceania Fiji, Guam, Australia, Marshall Islands, New Caledonia, Australia
Asia Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Diaoyu Islands, Spratly Islands, Turkey, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Iran, Singapore, Oman, Philippines, Japan, India, Cambodia, Cyprus, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kuwait, Thailand, South Korea, North Korea
North America Canada, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Panama, Martinique, Cuba, United States, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Kura, Guadeloupe, Nicaragua
South America Brazil, French Guiana, Colombia, Guyana, Paraguay, Argentina

Appendix 2: table of available weather variables

Name Code Quality Unit of measurement Temporal granularity Geospatial scope Comments
Temperature temperature temperature °C, °F, K realtime, hourly, daily globally temperature 2m above
Pressure pressure pressure Pa realtime, hourly, daily globally pressure on surface
Relative humidity humidity relative humidity  % realtime, hourly, daily globally relative humidity 2m above
Wind direction wind direction wind direction degree realtime, hourly, daily globally wind direction 10m above
Wind speed wind speed wind speed km/h, mph, m/h realtime, hourly, daily globally wind speed 10m above
Cloud rate cloudrate total cloud rate 0~1 realtime, hourly, daily globally total cloud rate
Shortwave radiation dswrf downward shortwave radiation W/m^2 realtime, hourly, daily globally downward shortwave radiation on surface
Visibility visibility visibility by distance km, mile, m realtime, hourly, daily globally horizontal visibility by distance on surface
Nearest distance to precipitation area Nearest distance to precipitation area distance km, mile, m realtime radar supported area nearest distance to precipitation area
Intensity of nearest precipitation intensity of nearest precipitation precipitation intensity 0~1 realtime radar supported area intensity of nearest precipitation
Intensity of local precipitation Intensity of local precipitation precipitation intensity 0~1 realtime, minutely radar supported area intensity of local precipitation
sky condition skycon weather condition text realtime, hourly, daily globally weather condition
comfort index comfort index comfort index text realtime, hourly, daily globally weather comfort condition
ultraviolet index ultraviolet index ultraviolet index text realtime, hourly, daily globally ultraviolet condition
PM25 pm25 PM25 μg/m^3 realtime, hourly, daily air-quality forecast supported area PM25 mass concentration
PM10 pm10 PM10 μg/m^3 realtime air-quality forecast supported area PM10 mass concentration
O3 o3 O3 μg/m^3 realtime air-quality forecast supported area O3 mass concentration
NO2 no2 No2 μg/m^3 realtime air-quality forecast supported area NO2 mass concentration
SO2 so2 SO2 μg/m^3 realtime air-quality forecast supported area SO2 mass concentration
CO co CO mg/m^3 realtime air-quality forecast supported area CO mass concentration
AQI aqi AQI by US and China standard 0~500 realtime, hourly, daily air-quality forecast supported area AQI by US and China standard